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The choice of an instrument for daily practice can make the difference between success and disappointment in piano study.  Therefore, we are happy to assist our lesson studio customers in choosing a piano at a local dealer. 


In particular, we are experienced pianists and owners of nearly a dozen pianos over the last 25 years.  As a result, we can point out subtle differences among a dealer's pianos in tone quality, dynamic range, sustain, consistency of volume and tone, key response, etc., which a first-time buyer might overlook.  Our advice can avoid the problem of discovering deficiencies in these areas after the your return privilege has expired. 


Our most recent success story is a student who, with our help, purchased an exquisite Kawai RX-2 conservatory-quality piano, which was on sale for $18,000 off list price. 




Years ago, we purchased a bottom-of-the-line grand piano that was distributed to dealers by an American "manufacturer", but built overseas.  Even though it was the cheapest piano in the manufacturer's grand line, it sounded fine at the time.  Also, the dealer had been in business for decades in our area.  Therefore, we had no suspicions that there will be any problems


Within the first 10 years, due to its poor quality, we spent more money on unusually frequent tunings and action adjustments than we originally paid for the piano.  In some instances, we we paid hundreds of dollars a month to fix numerous problems that occurred with annoying frequency.


Had we purchased a high-quality piano the first time, we would've enjoyed better sound and playability, and avoided throwing money down the drain for tuning, extensive adjustments ("regulation"), and repair work that should not have been necessary. 


Thus, the second objective of our offer of assistance is to help others avoid the unfortunate and frustrating piano buying experience we had as a result of our former lack of knowledge.

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