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What Piano or Guitar Should I Buy?


A student's success--especially in the case of beginners--requires a home instrument that rises to a minimum standard of tone quality, volume range and essential functions.  Below is a list of the least expensive, entry-level models that qualify.


Casio PX-160 digital piano with vertical legs and pedal board add-ons (~$700).

 Available at Schmitt Music in Burnsville, 952-435-2454.  For more options, speak with Barb, their piano salesperson.


Cordoba C-5 (full size) solid top nylon string guitar, mid-teen to adult (~$300)

Cordoba Dolce (7/8) solid top nylon string guitar, tweener (~$300)

Cordoba Cadete (3/4) solid top nylon string guitar, small child (~$300)

Fender CD-60S solid top steel string guitar, mid-teen to adult ($200)

Fender CC-60S solid top steel string guitar, tweener ($200)


Instruments that limit students progress are not acceptable for lessons are:


Keyboards that play at only one volume level, have small keys, fewer than 88 keys, or no damper pedal


Guitars with a plywood (laminated) tops, including department store toys, or old hand-me-downs with darkened/corroded strings, warped necks, etc. that have poor tone, buzzing notes, and don't tune up properly.  In some cases, older guitars can be "set up" by a technician, a process that can correct most problems.  We recommend Brown's Guitar factory for this work. 

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