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Payment, Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy


REFUNDS: There are no refunds for piano or guitar lesson tuition unless you provide proof of moving out-of-state, long-term hospitalization, or other unusual circumstances.  Otherwise, and as noted according to the conditions below, missed lessons are compensated by makeup lessons at a later date. 

In the case of exceptions to the refund policy, your credit card will be credited within five business days. If you paid for lessons with a check, your refund will be sent within five business days after your check successfully clears our bank.

PAYMENT:  Tuition is due the last lesson of each month in advance for the upcoming month.  Check your balance with your teacher before making payment to see if you owe for any accessories or books.  Full statements are available upon request.  Please make your check payable to “AVGA”, and place it in the black check-box.  If you miss the last lesson of the month, please mail your check to be received by the 1st day of the month.  For your convenience, we offer automatic credit or debit card payment for no additional fee.

PLEASE CALL IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL SAME-DAY!  Please add our studio numbers to your cell phone contacts list:  952-322-4329 and 612-710-0800.

NOTIFICATION REQUIRED:  Please notify AVGA via e-mail in advance of a planned absence (vacation or other schedule conflict) as soon as possible.  An e-mail is required and much appreciated!  This benefits you and every AVGA family in that if we know in advance of an open slot, we may be able to give you or someone else a make-up lesson for an illness, vacation, or emergency cancellation.  NOTE: Prior notification does not exempt students from payment.  Students are charged for lessons on a monthly basis, including those missed through student absence.

NON-ELECTIVE CANCELLATIONS:  In cases of illness, emergencies, severe weather, etc. where the student has no control over a cancellation, a make-up lesson or extended lessons will be offered, but not guaranteed.  One make-up lesson per quarter will be allowed during the school-year months.

ELECTIVE CANCELLATIONS:  24-hour notice via e-mail is required.  If the student/parent prefers to attend an activity that conflicts with a lesson, e.g. a sports practice or game, birthday party, movie, play, etc., no make-up lesson will be offered as your decision has been made that the chosen activity takes precedence over the music lesson. 

MAKE-UP LESSONSIf we allowed make-up lessons for any reason, the administrative labor would make it impossible for us to run the Academy.  Below are policies that are among the most generous in the music lesson business:

MAKE-UP LESSONSIf we allowed make-up lessons for any reason, the administrative labor would make it impossible for us to run the Academy. 

Below are policies that are among the most generous in the music lesson business:

a)    No makeup lessons are offered for elective cancellations within 24 hours or less of the scheduled lesson (see “Elective Cancellations" above).

b)    If you schedule a makeup lesson and then cancel it, the opportunity to make up the missed lesson is voided.

c)     For elective cancellations, students can avoid missing lessons by trading with another student.  The Student Trade List is compiled by AVGA and provided to you upon request.

d)     5-Lesson Months: AVGA strives to offer an average of 4 lessons per month on a quarterly basis during the School-Year Session.  Tuition fees are monthly, not per lesson.  We don’t charge more for 5-lesson months, or less for 3-lesson months. There is an understanding that some months only 3 lessons will be taught because of vacations, illness, conflicts, etc.  In cases of holidays, some months may result in 3 lessons for students registered on Mondays or Thursdays.  We offer make-up days for these holidays by giving 5 lessons the next month.

Monday students will miss Labor Day 9/5/11 - the make-up day is Monday 10/3/11.

Thursday students will miss Thanksgiving 11/24/11 - the make-up day is Thursday 12/1/11.

Christmas: We will be closed Sat. & Sun. 12/24 & 12/25 – the make-up days are Sat. & Sun. 12/31 and 1/1/12. 

CREDITS It is the express written policy of the Apple Valley Guitar & Piano Academy that there will be no credits or refunds for any missed lessons on the part of the student during the School-Year Session.  Please refer to the above section on our policy for missed lessons.  In the rare event of the teacher canceling because of an illness or emergency, you will be offered the choice of a make-up lesson or a monetary credit on your account. 

TERMINATIONS:  The Academy requires a written 30-day notification of a termination (e-mail).  Upon notification, ONE MONTH OF TUITION IS DUE.



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