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The main goal of this revolutionary new method is to help students learn exciting, impressive piano music as quickly as possible, and to play it beautifully and expressively

The Accelerando Piano Method is unique in that it includes dozens of custom-designed piano learning activities there are powerful, challenging and exciting.

The complete set of piano learning activities, which is continually being expanded by our head teacher, is offered exclusively at Apple Valley Guitar and Piano Academy.

The piano lesson format varies according to the learning activities scheduled for a particular week.  As a result, students look forward with eager anticipation to each piano lesson.

Other major features and benefits of Accelerando Piano Method are listed below.

"Junior Virtuoso" piano arrangements, an AVGPA exclusive, are created on an ongoing basis by our head teacher.  They are designed for students that don't have the time or inclination to learn the more difficult works of the piano repertoire.  Nonetheless, they can enjoy the essence of this music once they reach an advanced beginner skill level. 

Learning tricks and strategies allow students to reach a professional level of piano playing 2-3 times faster than standard methods alone. In addition, parents and adult students save $1000s in lesson fees.

Teaches a wide variety of technical secrets that greatly improve accuracy and speed of finger movements.

Guides the student's daily practice with "mistake eliminators" to minimize time wasted on "finger fumbling" and poor rhythm.

Dramatically accelerates mastery of music reading so new pieces can be learned quickly and with a minimum of mistakes.

Develops the subtleties of finger touch required for true piano artistry.

Training in ADVANCED finger speed, dexterity, strength and coordination begins as soon as possible, to prepare the student for professional music.  When they reach the stage where this music is possible for them, few technical barriers remain.

Improves the student's ear or ability to recognize good versus bad musical sounds, which is the foundation of everything the fingers do it the piano.  Without ear development, no amount of technique can ever produce beautiful music.

Conservatory-quality training adapted in terms of depth and difficulty to the age and time commitment of each student.

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