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In the lesson studio, the Accelerando Method introduces a much higher level of technical difficulty and intellectual demands than traditional approaches to piano and guitar teaching. 

Essentially, this method consists of university-level training whose content and scope are adapted and limited based on the age of the student.

It also requires a MINIMUM of one hour of practice per day, five days per week, to utilize the specialized instruction offered in the lessons.

In general, we have found that most students want simple, easy lessons, and don't want to practice more than 20-30 minutes per day.  

In addition, certain parents object to this method as well, or even to the most basic challenges expected of music students worldwide.

For example, when a  particular student was asked to learn all 15 major scales over a period of several weeks, their parent's response was: "This will take the fun out of her piano study."

We found this reaction surprising because learning these scales is standard operating procedure for music students of any instrument (not to mention all 15 natural, melodic and harmonic minor scales). 

Most importantly, instead of taking the fun out of piano study, comprehensive scale practice makes it more fun because the student has better finger ability, knowledge of the keyboard pathways used in nearly all forms of popular and classical music, and faster comprehension of written music.

Nonetheless, due to past objections on the part of students and parents, the Accelerando Method  is offered by request only.

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